Delta ATF, PRIME, 2 Strokes

Delta ATF, PRIME, 2 Strokes Lube

For improved Benzene Engine performance and reduced maintenance cost

What is Benzene Engine Lubricant?

Benzene engine lubricants are composed of base oil, viscosity modifier and an additive package that may include antioxidants, pour point depressants, detergents and dispersants. The viscosity of engine oil is its most important property. Oil viscosity must be selected to ensure that hydrodynamic lubrication will occur where and when it is needed. During use, oil can become contaminated by soot, unburned fuel, metallic particles and other contaminants. Engine lubricants consist of a base oil (typically 75 – 83%), viscosity modifier (5 – 8%) and an additive package (12 – 18%). As the base oil alone cannot provide all of the lubricating oil functions required in modern engines, the additive package has evolved to play an increasingly important role in the oil formulation.